we are frontend passionates community

we want to gather people who exchange knowledge of new technologies and best practices

We work in one office

Our self-organizing agile teams work in one office what gives us possibility to communicate with each other on every occasion. That’s how the best ideas are created!

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We meet on Frontend Chapters & Meetups to share the latest discoveries or boast a clever solutions which we found in our projects.

Open meetup?

Front Club Open is fresh idea to gather our community together with opportunity to share knowledge and interesting cases during lectures, speeches and discussions.

Meet face to face people with similar interests from your neighbourhood. Spend a great time in our Agile Office during challenging activities accompanied by snacks.

6th edition:

Sixth edition of Front Club Open will be 29.11 at our Gliwice office! Become part of great community and improve your skills & knowledge during sessions. Get free ticket or join us online on webinar!

  1. "Angularze, odśwież się! – czyli jak zone.js pomaga w zarządzaniu asynchronicznością." by Kamil Mikosz
  2. "Wizualizacja danych w Jupyterze" by Artur Trzęsiok

Last editions snapshot

See how frontend freaks participate and enjoy in our meetups

We are open community

That’s why we frequently meet each other on workshops, hackathons and events like that

Xlab workshops

Participate in our open software workshops

AgileHack hackathon

Join our agile made hackathon organized for creatives

What are they?

Almost every month we organize Xlabs - open software workshops led by our team members for everybody who is willing to come.

We share our knowledge about new frontend technologies with participants and use it to create amazing stuff together!

Previous workshops

  1. Java Spring Microservices
  2. ReactJS & NodeJS
  3. React Native from the inside
  4. Project patterns
  5. Unit testing

That's how it looked

Check how did people enjoy our previous workshops

What is this?

Agile Hack is Hackathon, which is created not only to compete with developer teams but also to popularize Scrum in a broadly understood IT environment.

Apart from the Front-end Developers, we also invite people who want to learn how to nimbly lead the project and help the team in its implementation.

2nd edition:

  1. More hot JS issues
  2. More Developers
  3. More time for work
  4. More mentoring
  5. More attractive rewards
  6. Check it out!

2nd edition's sneak peek

See how agile teams made of creatives participate in our event

But who we are actually

Meet 30 developers who created front club and who want to change the world

Everyday we create real products in technologies which are tailored to match the needs of business


We help bring to life valuable software products, no matter if they are small companies or big enterprises.

The technologies we are using are up to date and chosen by us to fit our clients needs.


The companies in our portfolio represent a vast spectrum of industries: hosting, television, marketing, energy, automotive, software, e-commerce, power tools, banking, publishing, dinnerware.

Our Clients are based in Europe, United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia and Hong Kong.